Keep your canine in the fight.

We provide K9 life-saving medical training and instruction for combat and law enforcement operations.

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Fit For Duty

From day-to-day canine training and conditioning to first response and veterinary medical support in the field, it’s your job to keep your canine partner in peak condition. Do you have the knowledge it takes to get your K9 fit for duty?

About SVS

Dr. Sean McPeck of Strategic Veterinary Services is a veterinarian with over 18 years of experience working with law enforcement and military working dogs. He has operated in every type of environment with canines, both in combat and training scenarios, and has developed numerous training programs, covering topics including Canine Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Comprehensive Canine Conditioning, among others. He has the knowledge to help you develop a comprehensive working dog program and build a better dog.

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Our Services

Strategic Veterinary Services provides training in CT-CCC (Canine Tactical Combat Casualty Care) for any level of professional, both military and non-military, from Human Medical Physicians to the medic on the ground and the dog handler in the fight.
We provide consulting on and outfitting of K9-specific tactical gear, equipment, and medical-specific canine first aid kits.
Strategic Veterinary Services offers consulting for K9 kennel design and working dog program development.
We consult on implementation and design of canine conditioning programs for law enforcement and military working dog programs.
Strategic Veterinary Services offers nutritional consulting for Athletic Canine Programs as well as companies producing K9 food products.

A Track Record You Can Trust

CPT McPeck’s tactical skills and ability to execute was a critical asset in the coordination, communication, training, and oversight of the unit’s real world operations mission and he directly contributed to the overhaul of the unit’s training program.
Officer Evaluation 2013

Our Partners

We have trained and worked with canines and handlers representing some of the most renowned military and law enforcement organizations.

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Real-World Experience

In more than 18 years working with canines in law enforcement and military operations, Dr. Sean McPeck has developed real-world experience you and your K9 can count on.

Education & Honors

  • Graduate, Colorado State College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, 2010
  • Honor Graduate, United States Army Veterinary Basic Course
  • Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP), University of Tennessee, 2017

Speaking & Research

  • Guest Speaker, International Working Dog Conference, 2017, Banff Alberta
  • Guest Speaker, Working Dog Magazine Conference, 2017, Memphis TN
  • Guest Lecturer, Oklahoma State University Veterinary School, 2017
  • Research Contributor, Comparative Exercise Physiology Lab at Oklahoma State University Veterinary School

Military & Non-military Service

  • Author of the Ranger Canine Athletic Program (RCAP)
  • Co-creator of the Advanced Canine Athletic Program (ACAP) app
  • Camp Dwyer Afghanistan Veterinary Officer, 2011-2012
  • 75th Ranger Regiment Veterinary Surgeon, multiple Combat Deployments
  • 3rd Ranger Battalion Sniper Team Leader
  • CQSDM Course, Honor Grad and Top Gun
  • Current President, Alaska Veterinary Medical Association
  • Emergency Veterinarian, NVA
  • Emergency Veterinarian, VCA
  • Distributor, North American Rescue

Demonstrated Expertise

  • K9 Trauma Care
  • Veterinary Medical Training for Handlers
  • Pre-deployment Readiness
  • K9 Selection
  • K9 Behavior, Canine Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • K9 Husbandry and Nutrition
  • K9 Conditioning and Longevity
  • K9 Environmental Stimulation and Environmental Stress Deconfliction
  • K9 Program Development
  • K9 Casualty Movement (MEDEVAC/CASEVAC, extraction, vehicle and rotary wing operations)
  • Counterterrorism Operations
  • Tactics
  • Close Quarters Battle
  • Sniper, Advanced Marksmanship
  • Hand-to-hand Combatives (semi-pro MMA, Boxing and BJJ competitor)
  • 1st place, Runners Division, Susitna 100mile Ultra-marathon


The Advanced Canine Athletic Program, or ACAP for short, is a program that focuses on improving the overall conditioning of the canine and improving their effective working pace. The ACAP was developed as a collaboration between Sean McPeck and Guardian Point and draws on their unique experience as veterinarians, canine trainers and handlers from law enforcement and elite military special operations units.

The ACAP app provides two (Basic and Premium) structured conditioning programs for both Patrol and Detection canines, complete with a daily schedule, videos, instructions, and educational content.


The Basic version is intended for the beginner. The Basic program explains every workout in detail and includes instructional/educational content videos from experts in the veterinary community. The majority of the Basic program workouts range from 15 – 30 minutes in length.


The Premium version provides a stepped progression from the Basic version to more difficult workouts that will take you and your dog to the top level of desired fitness. The Premium program workouts range from 30 – 90 minutes in length. Along with more difficult workouts that will result in a higher level of fitness, the handler is able to access additional educational content with the Premium version.


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